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Where to Buy Weed Online Germany

While Germany has recently legalized marijuana for medicinal use, it is still illegal to buy and sell it for recreational purposes. However, Germany is the marijuana-friendly capital of Europe, and there are many places where we can get weed in Germany. Buy weed Online Germany

The Legislation

While it is illegal to cultivate or sell marijuana for recreational purposes, any amount under 15 grams is allowed for personal use. Police officers usually won’t prosecute us if we were carrying 15 grams or less. We recommend carrying much less on your person and trying to avoid public places when smoking. How To Buy Weed Online

As far as medicinal marijuana goes, Germany has recently passed one of the most progressive laws in Europe. Now, anyone who has a serious medical condition can purchase cannabis from a licensed pharmacy. Where To Buy Cannabis Online Germany

Moreover, Germany will soon start producing its own cannabis plantsWe won’t have to worry about buying home-grown plants of suspicious origin. All patients will be able to buy cannabis from authorized pharmacies. Depending on the quality, the prices start from 12 to 20 euros per gram. Buy Weed Online Germany

Where To Get Weed In Germany

Germans usually use one of two methods to buy weed. The first one is through friendsA dealer that our friends recommend is usually the safest way of getting weed. We won’t have to worry about overpaying or buying low-quality weed. Buy Best Weed Online Germany

However, if we’re only visiting the city and don’t know anyone there, there are a few alternatives. Several spots around the city are popular hangouts for dealers and smokers.

1. Parks

The park is one of Germany trendiest districts. We can find weed dealers there at any given moment. Keep in mind that, since the park is a known hotspot for dealers, the police raid the park almost hourly.

However, earlier this year,  parks managers outlined certain zones of the park just for dealers and their customers. These areas are called “pink boxes” and dealers can operate only within them. Where To Buy Marijuana Online

Another thing to note about this park is that the weed sold there isn’t usually high-quality. Moreover, if the dealers realize we’re tourists, they might try to increase the price. We can usually haggle over the price a bit and buy a gram for 10 euros. We recommend going to the park during the day. Buy Cannabis Cigar Online

2. Alternatives to Parks

Every year in August, there is a hemp parade in Germany. Going to it is a great way to meet some new people and get information on where to get weed in Germany. We can also take part in the Global Marijuana March, which became an annual event in Germany in 2011. Moreover, if we’re looking to buy some cannabis-based products, we can visit some health food shops, such as Reformhaus. Where To Buy Weed Online

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