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FLAVORS Blue dream(S), Strawberry cough(S), Girl scout cookies(H), Gorilla Glue(H), Pineapple express(H), Gorilla glue(I), Grape ape(I), Fruity Pebbles(I), Purple lemon, Clementine, Lemon tree, Sunset Gelato, Purple Zkittlez
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With regards to pure and distilled vape cartridges, Muha meds carts can be seen to be amongst the top 3 best vapes of all time. Muha meds carts contain thc for up to 85%. With muha meds vapes, you are free from pesticides.

This cartridge is derived from an extremely potent oil. A couple of puffs will have their user and enhanced into uplifting long-lasting high. Extraordinary tasting hits with a higher evaluation of lucidity.

Also, it is never weakened or blended with any contaminants. It also doesn’t contain propylene glycol, particulates, or unsafe smoke poisons. We also have different products which we are also good and also pesticides free like baked bar vape and big bang carts.


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