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How To Buy Orange Diesel Online Wilmington


aka Agent D, Agent Diesel

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About Orange Diesel

Appropriately named for both its vibrant color and tart orange flavor, Orange Diesel draws the best of both parents into one bud. TGA Seeds developed this beauty by combining Sour Diesel and Agent Orange, two long-time favorites, to create this well balanced 60/40 sativa-dominant strain.

Though it goes by many names – Orange Diesel, Agent D, or Sour Orange Diesel – one thing is absolutely certain: it did not get any of its names for no reason. This bright green bud is covered in orange hairs, long sticky trichomes, and boasts a big flavor of, you guessed it, orange and diesel. With THC levels ranging from 14% to 16%, this strain gives users a consistently strong kick that mirrors its biting flavors.

Orange Diesel, or Agent D, is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines Sour Diesel and TGA Seeds’ Agent Orange. This lineage is evident in Orange Diesel’s sweet citrus flavor which is accented by a subtle diesel aftertaste.

Buy Orange Diesel Online

Orange Diesel, or Agent D, is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines Sour Diesel and TGA Seeds’ Agent Orange. This lineage is evident in Orange Diesel’s sweet citrus flavor which is accented by a subtle diesel aftertaste. Sativa-lovers will appreciate the sharp sense of energy and focus that Orange Diesel delivers, and these effects may be helpful for patients treating ADD/ADHDfatigue, and stress.

With a pungent, tangy odor that is similar to diesel and tastes like oranges it may be Orange Diesel’s most distinctive attribute. The light green buds bear trichomes entwined with orange hair as well making this strain very visible within the flower itself. These two parent strains make for an interesting mixture of flavors when you smoke them both individually or mixed together at different concentrations depending on preference.

Orange Diesel will provide you with a happy and creative buzz. It is an excellent strain for those who need to be more focused, as well as high-energy people looking for some relief from their pain or stress!

Is Orange indica or sativa?

Orange Kush potency is higher THC than average. Orange Kush, also known as “Orange OG,” is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Orange Bud and OG Kush. The effects of this strain eases the body into relaxation while lifting moods with a sweet and tangy citrus flavor.


Euphoric 62%
Happy 60%
Uplifted 59%
Energetic 54%
Relaxed 54%
Stress 34%
Anxiety 34%
Depression 27%
Fatigue 22%
Dry mouth 26%
Dry eyes 9%
Paranoid 6%
Anxious 3%

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